Cyant Connects Art And Technology, To Foster Learning, Creativity And Engagement.

We strongly believe in the necessary and beneficial interplay between the Arts, a wonderful gender neutral playground, and Science and Technology. So we develop and offer innovative "arts-meet-tech" tools and experiences bridging digital and physical. Our goal is to enable a large and diverse community of “cyantists”, from all genders, ages and backgrounds, to learn, connect, create and make new things in new ways.



Coming Soon! : A Creative Platform That Lets You Design And Obtain 3D Models And Prints In An Easy And Intuitive Way.

We are getting ready to launch the first version of our creative platform, and let you draw or write, 3D print and make fun things in your own personal style, without needing to learn complex modeling software. For all "Little Princes" out there, at home, in educational settings and STEAM Learning Activities, and more!

Create And engage in a range of Activities in 3 easy steps!

Hear from Teachers Who are already loving what we do!

Through Our Art-Meets-Tech Workshops, Children Are Engaged In Arts And Making While Learning About Technologies Such As 3D Printing.

This STEAM approach can help children connect the dots and more intuitively relate to STEM topics. Our art-meets-tech focus also makes it easy for boys and girls to participate, and we always include a collaborative activity to encourage children to work together. And they are good for big kids (a.ka. grown-ups) too!

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