With Cyant's Lab™, Design And Obtain 3D Models And Prints In An Easy And Intuitive Way!

Cyant's Lab™ is a platform designed to learn, and make 3D modeling and 3D printing easy and accessible to kids of all ages, whether technology savvy or not!


Draw Your 3D Models!

Cyant's Lab™ offers tools to draw designs, through free drawing or with the use of templates. Designs are automatically turned into 3D models as they are drawn!


Manage Your Portfolio And Obtain Your 3D Prints!

Review your or your kids' creations and edit them! And since not everyone has a 3D printer, your models can be ordered and delivered via partner 3D printing service Sculpteo.


Be Inspired And Learn!

Cyant's Lab™ lets kids of all ages learn about 3D printing and related technologies. Discover interesting works and projects, the people behind them, and more!