#TechTuesday Round Up - September 20th

Source:  Vocativ

Source: Vocativ

3D Printing for Surgery Planning and Metamaterials: these are the news that caught our attention this week!

On this #TechTuesday, we're sharing two news from the 3D Printing world that have been particularly striking in past few days. First this one via Vocativ. Not Art, but we fundamentally believe in creating more bridges between the digital and physical realms. So this news is particularly significant as it is a great example of the value of such bridges: having a tangible experience with #3DPrinted models is enabling people to better "sense" their way through challenging thinking, and can then help them be successful during complex tasks such as surgery planning. We'd already shown other examples of this for better understanding the Universe, as well as maths concepts, so we're excited to see more people using this approach to learn and think in new ways in coming years! And we're glad these two babies have now healthy happy hearts.

And ICMYI, check out this cool new design and 3Dprinting project from the Hasso Plattner Institute: metamaterial mechanisms! Structure meets function in one fully 3D printed mechanism, illustrating the opportunity for new materials, designs and potentially more efficient ways of making!

Happy Tech Tuesday!