Promising Work Supporting Ocean Protection And Sustainability

Today The White House made a major announcement on the paramount and vital importance to preserve our oceans for this generation and the generations to come.

Our oceans harbor vibrant ecosystems and are our planet's life source. They have been suffering much damage from plastic pollution, increased water temperatures and other factors. So we are excited to see many "cyantists" working at the intersection of art, design, engineering, science and biology to revert this harm and create a future where sustainability and ocean protection are brought back to the forefront. Through waste reduction via improved production, reuse and upcycling, recycling, the creation of objects that can directly protect ecosystems and marine animals, and art installations to raise awareness, we are already witnessing much creativity employed to use 3dprinting and other technologies to address these challenges.

We look forward to seeing more cyantists at work towards a #sustainable future in coming years!