A Great First "Connecting with 3D printing" Event

This month, we started an educational event series at WeWork Berkeley to showcase connections between 3D printing and art, and engage our community with the human side of the technology.

We had the great pleasure of having Jessica Hedstrom as our first speaker. Jessica is a 3D printing enthusiast, the founder of the blog and podcast: "Printing Everyday", the community manager at Sculpteo, and a contributor to the blog: "Women in 3D printing". Jess walked us through some great projects she has encountered in the course of writing her blog: these projects showcase how art, technology, design, robotics, biomimicry, medical imaging can all intersect to produce beautiful jewelry, interactive displays and unique art pieces, while having an educational impact too.

This notion of adding value, a topic brought up by Nancy Liang on the Women In 3D Printing blog, was one of the important points we discussed as one of the closing remarks. One of the concerns one might have in that regard, is whether the opportunity for each and every one to make can lead to more waste, and not more value, at a time where sustainability is of prime importance. However, we reviewed and discussed several recycling and sustainable development initiatives, as well as reasons why 3D printing could in fact open up more possibilities than raise issues. As to where 3D printing is heading in the next 5 years? Eyeware and fashion are two areas where Jessica feels a strong growth will take place on the consumer side. Thanks Jessica for being such an amazing first speaker!

We'll have our next event in November, stay tuned for upcoming details!