Full STEAM ahead with Cyant’s Lab™


Introduce your students to the tools, skills, and creativity of the future.


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Preparing kids for the future of work

Open up the world of 3D printing beyond plastic keychains and into digital fabrication, manufacturing, and interactive art. Help your kids learn about 3D printing materials and STEAM in the real world with today’s “cyantists”: innovative scientists, engineers, artists, and designers working at the intersection of disciplines to create new things in new ways!

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More and faster 3D printing options for your class

3D printers can take hours just to print one design. Cyant’s Lab™ connects you with printer services that can print and ship your designs right to your classroom. If you have your own 3D printer, printing designs from Cyant’s Lab can take less than 15 minutes, so that more students can see their models printed!

Spark and inspire creativity in your classroom. When you use Cyant’s Lab™, you can connect subject areas like math, language arts, art, and technology in a way that no one else is, all while giving students their first glimpse into a technology that’s shaping the future.

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Inspiring sustainability today, and in days to come

By working with us, you support a business that aligns with your mission. Sustainability is at the heart of what we’ve built at Cyant. Using Cyant’s Lab™ lets you create a teachable moment about consumption and sustainability, one where you can be an example for your students and students can be active participants in re-thinking design for today, and the world of tomorrow.

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