How it works?


Cyant’s Lab™ makes it easy to draw 3D models and print them.


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Turn any drawing
to 3D as you draw

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Pick from a template
or start from scratch

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If you don't have a 3D printer you can order in
the app

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Learn about 3D, art & technology as you create

Connect with others by sharing your designs - coming soon!

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Save all your designs
in your portfolio

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Why Cyant’s Lab™?

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Focus on your design, not our tool

Cyant’s Lab™ simple design and interface makes it possible for anyone to create from the very first second. Cyant’s Lab™ focuses on the process, using drawing, not pre-designed objects to create and design. Your drawings are automatically turned into 3D models as you draw. That means there are no specific skills needed and your own unique style can shine!

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Quickly bring your drawings to life!

Some designs can take hours to create and 3D print. Creating designs in Cyant’s Lab™ can take less than 15 mins. And if you use your own printer, they can be printed just as quickly! This also makes Cyant’s Lab™ an ideal creative tool for interactive experiences and events.

With Cyant’s Lab™, anyone has access to 3D printing. Our app connects with leading 3D printing services offering a wide variety of 3D printing technologies and materials including metals, sandstone and more. So more possibilities beyond plastics and less plastic waste! Simply create, submit your design to the service, and it will be shipped directly to you.

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Spark your imagination and creativity

Cyant’s Lab™ gives you access to a library of resources to learn more about 3D printing, and spark your curiosity and creativity. In our #CyantistsWeLove series, we share the innovative work of creatives, scientists, engineers… working at the intersection of disciplines.

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3D design and printing you can feel good about

Using Cyant’s Lab™ means that you’re supporting a business that aligns with its mission. We’ve created Cyant’s Lab™ with an eye on inclusivity and sustainability, focusing on a meaningful experience and outputs. We’re committed to supporting local communities through partnerships and local sourcing.


Fun project ideas


Cyant’s mission


Cyant's mission is to connect art & technology to foster learning, creativity and engagement. We strongly believe in the necessary and beneficial interplay between the Arts, a wonderful gender neutral playground, and Science and Technology. So we develop and offer innovative "arts-meet-tech" tools and experiences bridging digital and physical. Our goal is to enable a large and diverse community of “cyantists”, from all genders, ages and backgrounds, to learn, connect, create and make new things in new ways.


Upcoming workshops

Through STEAM focused workshops, children are engaged in arts and making while learning.

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Art-Meets-Tech Workshop

Next Workshop: 09/14, 10:00am - 12:00pm, STEAM Pop-Up With 3D Printing at Project Farmhouse, NYC!

Space is limited, make sure to register! 👇

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